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Down To Earth Dating Why is survival food a choice?

Some individuals are taking advantage with the and making money with food reserves.Before a disaster strikes make foods weekly with your stored supplies so the family is designed to the regarding meals they are able to expected during disasters.Making emergency food meals is not difficult or time consuming in a minimum of.The evidence agrees with the Bible account, not with the evolutionists. God created everything; the evidence clearly points to it. An asterisk ( * ) by a name indicates that person is not known to be a creationist. The problem with First Dynasty dates is they are based on the king lists of Manetho, an Egyptian priest who lived many centuries later, in 250 B. Manetho's writings have only been preserved in a few inaccurate quotations in other ancient writings. C., based on an astronomical reference in the *Book of History."—*Ralph Linton, The Tree of Culture (1955), p. The oldest written tablets were Sumerian, dating back to 3500 B. The oldest writing is pictographic Sumerian, inscribed on tablets in the Near East. The earliest Western-type script was the proto-Sinaitic, which appeared in the Sinai Peninsula about 1550 B. This was the forerunner of our Indo-Aryan script, from which descended our present alphabet.Of over 4,000 quotations in the books this Encyclopedia is based on, only 164 statements are by creationists. Scharff, however, would bring the date down to about 3000 B. Hall, "Egypt: Archaeology," in Encyclopedia Britannica, 1956 edition, Vol. Barton, of the University of Pennsylvania, points out the problem here: "The number of years assigned to each [Egyptian] king, and consequently the length of time covered by the dynasties, differ in these two copies; so that, while the work of Manetho forms the backbone of our chronology, it gives us no absolutely reliable chronology."—George A. The oldest of these tablets have been dated at about 3500 B. The Sumerians were the first people with written records in the region of greater Babylonia.

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